How To Make Believers Out Of Clients


Clients and ad agencies won’t buy if they don’t believe, and for them to believe, they’ve got to know what we know about radio. They need to understand where and how it fits within the media and audio universe. Successful radio salespeople in 2016 must not only master selling, but marketing as well. Above all, those skills must be worth knowing: They allow a seller to segue from vendor to valued partner. At Radio Ink‘s Hispanic Radio Conference, industry veteran and radio sales expert Bob McCurdy will detail a variety of revenue-generating topics you can take back to your sellers — and to the bank..

Here’s what you’re guaranteed to get from Bob McCurdy’s presentation:
*How radio can benefit from the political clutter, and the grab for voters’ attention, that are part of this year’s media landscape
*Channel planning — how agencies use data and creativity in planning media and what that means to radio
*The power of audio, the role of radio in that universe, and how to maximize radio’s unique assets
*How to elevate the expertise of local advertisers. Smart, knowledgeable clients are better for business — theirs and yours.

“The successful radio salesperson in 2016 must be one part master salesperson, one part master marketer, one part master creative director, and one part master educator,” says McCurdy. “It can be summed up in five words: ‘We must be worth knowing’ in order to have an opportunity to work closely with our clients to move their business forward.”

Bob McCurdy started his professional career selling radio locally in Richmond before moving on to sales and management in Indianapolis. He joined Katz, where he held sales and management positions in Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York, and became President of Katz Radio in 1990. He then built out Sentry Radio as president under the Katz Radio Group umbrella before becoming regional president for Clear Channel Radio Sales upon Clear Channel’s purchase of the Katz Media Group. In 2009, McCurdy became the president of Katz Marketing Solutions, then the new-business arm of the Katz Radio Group. Over the past three decades McCurdy has trained hundreds of salespeople in addition to being one of the key voices for the radio industry with both advertisers and agencies.

The Hispanic Radio Conference, March 22-23 in Fort Lauderdale, is the only conference dedicated solely to Hispanic radio. Now in its 7th year, the conference attracts the industry’s key leadership in management, sales, and programming, whose combined audience reaches approximately 95% of the 50+ million Hispanics in this country.


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