Another Group Wants You to Pay to Play Music


It’s called The Grammy Fund for Music Creators and it’s a Political Action Committee just put together by the Recording Academy and announced yesterday. In a blog post about the new PAC Daryl Friedman, chief industry, government and members relations officer for the Recording Academy, said “Broadcasters, tech companies and other large corporations are pocketing the profits from music, while music creators don’t always receive fair compensation for their work.”

Broadcasters have long argued that radio plays a vital role in the ecosystem of the music business, providing artists with massive amounts of free promotion and airplay. Some regulators have been pushing the Fair Play Fair Pay Act to get radio to pay to play music while the NAB has been lobbying lawmakers with its own bill called The Local Radio Freedom Act


  1. While Aaron’s point is well taken, it still boils down to radio’s reluctance to pay for its own raw materials.
    Is it not radio that claims: “It’s all about the music”?
    As to the old “We support and promote the artists”-chestnut: That would apply to less than (I’m guessing) 1% of the talent pining for airplay.

  2. Stupid idea to put politics and music together. This can only mean destruction and piss poor values, in the long term. May be a “union” for getting some paid… But where will this train of terror stop?


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