But Wait There’s More


In addition to the promotions and the new structure, Cumulus also announced the promotion and title change of nine current members of its programming support team. And here they are…

Val Garris, former Vice President, Programming, is promoted to Vice President, Analytics.
Greg Frey, former Corporate Program Director, is promoted to Vice President, Programming Operations.
Aaron Roberts, former Vice President, Programming Partnerships, is promoted to Vice President, Programming Communications/Partnerships.
Emily Boldon, former Vice President, Stratus Music Programming and Corporate Program Director, is promoted to Vice President, AC.
Troy Hanson, former Corporate Program Director, Rock Formats, is promoted to Vice President, Rock.
Brian Thomas, former Corporate Program Director, Country and Classic Hits, is promoted to Vice President, Classic Hits.
Charlie Cook, former Operations Manager, Cumulus Nashville, is promoted to Vice President, Country.
Bill Hess, former Corporate Program Director, NewsTalk, is promoted to Vice President, NewsTalk.
Scott Jameson, former Corporate Program Director, Classic Rock, is promoted to Vice President, Classic Rock.
Bruce Gilbert remains Senior Vice President, Sports for both Cumulus Media and Westwood One.
John Kilgo continues as Vice President, Label Relations.


  1. @ WELL:

    Glad to see you are so hopeful and positive. Those of us who made a mandatory minimum wage, due to not being full-time; were the pawns of the company; forgotten about, no matter what experience we had; could not get ahold of PD’s and engineers, to get things fixed; had to pick up everyone’s slack, because everyone was lazy and showed up just for a paycheck; and many many more abuses… glad you are so much stronger. Many times Mike McVay told us one thing, yet the exact opposite happened. Same for that red head woman, Emily. We also have not gotten down to the extra picky guys yet.

    I have no thought that Cumulus respects the public, nor does it respect it’s employees. This is from the PD upwards. Cumulus is only about money. That needs to change. If it ever does, I might not mind going back to work there… just not part -time for minimum wage, which is mandatory for anyone not full time.

  2. I am actually one of those that is rooting for this. I work for this company and I have to at least give it a a shot. While everything going on is not a “thriller,” they are steps to correct the issues. Trust me when I say that if things are not turned around, those people will not be in those roles. I respect Mary Berner. I respect Mike McVay. I believe the company CAN be fixed and they are doing what they can to ensure that.

  3. “John Kilgo continues as Vice President, Label Relations.”

    Yep, this enforces local music and artist variations. If they do not payola, they do not get played. Gimme another free concert for a roll of dice, which is insured to not have a winner. Go with us, if we see you have cookie cutter viability. Corporate radio makes me sick! So do the egos. Same old same old. the listener will still lose out and go to Serius, Pandora, and other mp3 download sites.


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