The Dark Side of Digital Advertising


It’s the shiny new toy, compared to radio, which is the consistent, hundred-year-old, cash-flow generating medium that everyone loves to bash. Every marketer and advertiser loves digital and we all know the money is shifting into that space. The Internet Advertising Bureau reported that in 2015 $27.5 Billion was spent on digital advertising, during the first six months alone. However, it might surprise you to know, and feel free to share this stat with your advertisers, that the Association of National Advertisers expect $7.2 Billion to be lost as a result of nonhuman digital traffic in 2016.

ANA CEO Bob Liodice sad, “The level of criminal, non-human traffic literally robbing marketers’ brand-building investments is a travesty. The staggering financial losses and the lack of real, tangible progress at mitigating fraud highlights the importance of the industry’s Trustworthy Accountability Group in fighting this war. It also underscores the need for the entire marketing ecosystem to manage their media investments with far greater discipline and control against a backdrop of increasingly sophisticated fraudsters.”

Read more about this story HERE at Advertising Age


  1. I get it all the time, Bob.
    Guys have no reasonable responses to my criticisms and/or supplied alternatives.
    There is only one strategy left: Attack the messenger.
    Radio – local radio in particular – arrives on the street with an empty sack.
    It’s amazing what some sales execs can accomplish with such low-end advertising materials.
    But, that, as you point out, is the issue.
    We are obliged to crap all over other media. But the moment we do that, we are expected to come up with better materials and a better explanation. (We) No can do.
    Whoops! Drat!

  2. This article is certainly informative, but we fail to see how pointing out problems with digital advertising accountability helps to present compelling reasons for radio advertising. This is what radio
    does- we attack other mediums. … and it’s never worked. Advertisers are not going to give us on radio more money just because we pointed out shortcomings in another media. And, if you are the 9th or 10th advertiser in a long cluster break on an FM music station…isn’t that as egregious as non human digital traffic?


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