Borrell Predicts Radio Ad Decline In 2016


    Borrell & Associates has released its second industry paper on Local Advertising Insights. In it Borrell predicts that local advertising will experience a growth spurt of 16.4%, from $113 Billion in 2015 to $132 Billion this year. $5.5 Billion of that increase will come from state and local elections and $17 Billion will be from growth in digital spending.

    According to Borrell the online share of local advertising revenue will increase from $48.3 Billion to $65.8 Billion, that’s nearly 50% of all local ad revenue. Radio, according to this report, will decline from $10.2 Billion (8.9%) to just over $10 Billion (7.6%). Borrell claims that despite the fact that 90% of adults listen to radio every week, radio’s problems include the loss of advertisers like auto dealers and the heavy competition from print, digital, and other radio stations.

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    1. Whassamatter, Alphonse?
      Do glaring new realities interfere with your having another, nice, delusional day?
      Has it not come to mind that one of your options is to avoid the articles altogether?
      Meanwhile, of course radio is steadily losing out.
      Any communications industry that refuses to make major improvements to a decades-old model of communications can expect nothing else.

    2. Wait … so radio’s problems include heavy competition from other radio stations? How does that even make sense? On an individual station basis, okay, one hurts when another beats them into the ground, but this article is talking industry-wide in general. So how can radio competing with radio hurt radio? Please clarify!


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