Use Video And Visuals To Dominate Social Media


Visual is more important than ever in all your social media.

As you work on your priorities in 2016, being visual and using video can be a key part of your effort to encourage more engagement from your current audience and listeners most like the fans you already attract on your social media platforms and on air.

Radio is a fun business. Don’t believe it? Ask someone who works at Walmart or a local restaurant. Nothing is wrong with those jobs, but radio and radio personalities are in a unique position to share the fun of our business.

Here are a few thought-starters for using video and other visuals:

  1. Start with the listener experience in mind. Try to think about anything you video and place on a social media platform from the listener’s experience. How will they benefit? What will they be interested in seeing? What will they click on and share?
  2. Think visually. Concerts, the backstage of events, inside a morning show, live events, or even remotes and any visual opportunity that showcases some entertaining element focused on listeners.
  3. Think about options of creating how-to or knowledge-based videos based on local interest and (of course) the most important values to your listeners.
  4. Encourage participation and sharing. If you share visuals and especially video worth sharing, encouraging just that is appropriate as long as your visuals have some value for entertainment, knowledge, or something that might make your listeners look good for sharing.
  5. Look at the most important values for your listeners and those you want to attract through social media and look for opportunities to do “good things.” There are values associated with your listeners and those you want to attract in 2016. Look for those things of value in your market and get visual and supportive of them in social media.

As always, you may have better ideas. These are designed only as thought-starters. You know your market, your listeners, and your radio station better than anyone.

Being visual elevates what you are doing in social media. There’s a reason Google bought YouTube. They were afraid people would stop using words. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. You’re standing on the edge of using visual secrets to boost your connection to more listeners….right now.

Good luck.


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