Learning From “The Boss”


Like many of you I’ve been to a number of Bruce Springsteen shows over the years and the memories of those experiences are indelible. Yet I think he gives us a reminder lesson for all of our radio brands across this great nation that we sometimes take for granted or even forget.

Springsteen’s consistent charitable approach to every “hometown” he descends upon is amazing to admire.

The list of charities he has assisted is lengthy and meaningful. I’m sure I am leaving some out but here is an attempt to recognize them:

Amnesty International
Stand Up for Heroes (injured veterans)
World Hunger Year
Parkinson’s Foundation
New Orleans Musicians Clinic
Give Us Your Poor
Second Harvest
Bob Woodruff Foundation
ALS Foundation
Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Hungry for Music
Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation
Fallen Patriot Fund
Special Olympics
City of Hope
TJ Martell Foundation for Cancer and Leukemia Research
The Pediatric Aids Foundation
The Rainforest Foundation

See what I mean? What a list!

Bruce adds to his unbelievable performances and finds other ways to give back to every community. The notion of following our heart and allowing it to lead us down the charitable path with our radio brands has always felt like the best approach.

There is, at times, a PPM fear that charity works against ratings and I am here to stand up on my chair and shout that I don’t feel it’s true. Let’s learn from one of the greatest performers of all time that charity does begin at home, and that radio’s place in every community is cemented by our great charitable work.



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