The Magic Of Discovery


(By Buzz Knight) Looking for a new method to bring your team together for the daily scrum that inspires them to think beyond their current state of mind? Ask your group to make a habit of bringing one new thing they have recently discovered.

This exercise can provide more than the benefit of an “ice breaker.” It inspires curiosity which is so important for all of us to frequently nurture. It can also provide a backdrop for problem-solving and finding new ways to improve processes or existing strategies.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what can come out of this.

If you are a music format station, music discovery can be important for stations with a current lean as well as gold-based. For a current leaning station, it can put that song on everyone’s radar that the label isn’t working, but it might be the best song on the album. For a gold-based station, it could be a song that shows up prominently in a new movie, making it relevant to consider for the present moment.

Discovery can be shared in other forms such as a new book, a new movie, an inspiring article on leadership, or other cool items that a team member is excited about. Maybe it’s a particular quote that can help instill confidence in a new initiative.

Discovery can come in other forms such as processes in other businesses that a team member has witnessed, that could be relevant to your processes. An example could be the method a business is utilizing to tap its customer base for feedback that may apply to how your team taps customers or listeners for feedback.

Discovery can also provide an awakening to how your competition executes a particular strategy.  Maybe they are doing something on or off the air that a team member has observed that all of your team can learn from, and actually do better.

The deepest and maybe the most beneficial type of discovery can occur when a team member wants to share some form of data that helps and defines success. Sharing those types of moments of discovery can be gold when it comes to rallying a group together and helping propel the entire operation to new heights.

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