My Interview With Daily Wire Co-Founder Jeremy Boreing


(By Ed Ryan) Has cancel culture gone too far? Last week we told you about how a 15-minute stroll through the hotel hosting Podcast Movement by Conservative talker Ben Shapiro led to a string of apology tweets from the PM Management that had both the podcasting and radio industries buzzing.

Shapiro never brought up politics during his visit. He never threatened anyone. He never went into any area of the conference he wasn’t allowed to go. He visited the booth his company paid for, took a few pictures with fans, and left the hotel.

An attendee who saw Shapiro, and, perhaps, didn’t like his politics, took a picture of the successful podcaster and syndicated radio host, posted it to Twitter and said Podcast Movement had created an unsafe environment by allowing Shapiro in the building. In other words, by Shapiro simply being there, someone felt unsafe. That set off the string of apology tweets from Podcast Movement for allowing Shapiro’s walk-through to happen.

For the most part, Podcast Movement has been criticized in the Twittersphere following their tweets, even from people who do disagree with Shapiro’s politics. Podcasting has always bragged about being a space where all voices could be heard without fear of being canceled. The tweets seemed to fly in the face of that selling point.

We reached out to Podcast Movement and requested an interview about the situation. We were told they are working on some things behind the scenes now and will share when they have it ready.

On Thursday I interviewed The Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing. Boreing co-founded The Daily Wire with Ben Shapiro. The Daily Wire and its slate of Conservative podcasts has become one of the most successful Conservative platforms in America. Boreing details to us what went on behind the scenes with Podcast Movement after the apology tweets went up, and he’s quite upset about the damage Podcast Movement has done to his business.

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  1. Ben Shapiro had the right to his opinion just like Bernie Sanders has a right to his.
    That’s free speech. Not the kind you cherry pick because your comfortable with it.
    It’s ok to act like adult.

  2. Voices of opposition do not need to be heard. Mistruth and misinformation should continue to be shutdown. Podcast movement needs to be invite-only to prevent the other type of voices. FREEDOM FOR ALL!

    • This comment makes no sense at all, is self-contradictory and, ultimately, typically “liberal” or “progressive.” If your intention was to make a joke of some kind, you need to reconsider your wording.

  3. I watched this and felt heartbroken for people who were and are still terrified about Shapiro even being in the same city with them. This conference was about unity and freedom and I’m hella glad that Shapiro got banned.

    • This comment makes no sense at all, is self-contradictory and, ultimately, typically “liberal” or “progressive.” If your intention was to make a joke of some kind, you need to reconsider your wording.

  4. I wasn’t there but I am crying for the people who were traumatized. They must have been so scared. We need love and peace. This is a free speech medium and we don’t need voices like Ben.

  5. Podcast Movement is giving back money for people who were offended and people who are seeking mental health counseling at what happened.

  6. Podcast Movement bragged about letting people use any bathrooms that they felt appropriate. I mean, is that the new status quo? Who cares if that’s your policy, but why brag about it?? Brownie points with the trans crowd? Also, what if a black woman felt threatened by a man using her bathroom? Would there be an apology? Or, would there be an apology about there not being an apology because an apology would hurt the man’s feelings?
    Good lord…. when does it end?

  7. Ed – clearly your bias is showing and I am. not clear why any follow-up by Radio Ink was necessary let alone the lead story today. The story was already reported and we all know what happened. Why feed the fire?

    I fall in the middle of the cancel culture stuff as I feel there are extremes on both sides but in this case, Ben Shapiro and his people knew that he/they were neither invited nor wanted and it was obvious they deliberately went to cause a scene and create controversy where there was none.

    If nothing else, their behavior was rude, childish, unprofessional and inappropriate to crash this event.

    • So don’t get more info from the actual parties involved? Makes zero sense. Also, they made it clear that they asked the extreme left wing and politicized “Podcast Movement” to have an interview.

      You’d make a horrible news director or reporter.

      In one tweet, Podcast Movement became a committed arm of the liberal mob. Totally destroyed their position in the podcast space.

      Any of their advertisers will now have to ask if they want to be embroiled in their new, political victim card organization that punishes and slanders certain thoughts and perspectives. That’s not what podcasting, or even effective communication is about.

      RIP PM!

    • Except PM took a ton of cash from Shapiro to have a booth there? They’re the most full of sh*t podcast organizer out there. One guy started crying and they changed their entire company position. I hope the offended dumbass keeps on complaining… you’re never going to make these people happy.

  8. daily wire should just host their own podcast conference. it’s fine that podcast movement isn’t a free speech conference. it’s their business and they are allowed to hamper free speech and unique ideas.

  9. he says he’s a business guy but he didn’t take the offer of podcast movement giving their money back? bad business. he defends ben but doesn’t apologize for people who had their trips ruined? this was a conference about freedom and free ideas that was invaded by a conservative military media.

    • “this was a conference about freedom and free ideas that was invaded by a conservative military media.”

      It was a conference for a bunch of people who do podcasts with varying degrees of success and varying topics. Ben Shapiro has a podcast. He attended as was his right. End of story.

      • People were sent running to their hotels and barricaded for hours! Does that sound like a conference? it sounds like Ukraine or Iraq.
        Jeez, have some sympathy! People were afraid for their lives and some of these people have kids!

        • Running to their hotels and barricaded for hours?? Because some 5’6″ Jewish guy in a yarmulke walked in? Good Lord, the snowflakes are melting before they hit the ground…

  10. I know podcasters who ran to their hotels, in fear! FEAR! Did you see the IG video of a man crying because Shapiro walked in! If podcasters are crying and shaking in fear, then PM did the right thing. Why should people pay money to be in fear and feel like their life is in jeopardy? Nice work PM, please keep defending the voice-less!!!!!!

  11. Good for you. Total embarrassment for PM and they should really re-think their mission. And they should admit they made an error in overreacting. JFK once said “an error only becomes a mistake when you fail to correct it”……good advice, I think.


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