Tallahassee Hip Hop Flip


Sports Radio is back in Tallahassee. iHeartMedia Tallahassee flipped its Classic Hip-Hop “Throwback 96.5” (1270 WTLY/96.5 W243EG) to “96.5 The Spear.” The station is an AM signal with an FM translator.

The station will carry the Fox Sports Radio national lineup along with Florida State University play-by-play.

“Tallahassee has been without a full-time sports radio station for over a year,” said Paul Rogers, Market President. “The fans deserve a radio station that highlights the numerous elite athletic programs here, and 96.5 THE SPEAR is that station. We just staked our claim on the sport’s real estate here in Tallahassee, and now it’s time to build the stadium with the support of Tallahassee sports fans.”

According to iHeart “The Spear” name symbolizes iHeartMedia Tallahassee’s commitment to the fans, alumni, athletes, coaches, and faculty of one of America’s best universities.


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