Chernoff is Back


Press Communications announced on Friday that classic rock 107-1 The Boss (WWZY/WBHX) in Monmouth Ocean is bringing on former WFAN PD Mark Chernoff as part of the cast of “Robby & Rochelle in the morning.” Chernoff will be the sports anchor on the show.

Chernoff spent decades as Program Director for WXRK, WFAN & WNEW New York, was VP of sports for CBS Radio and earlier in his career programmed influential rock outlet WDHA. More recently, he was heard as a host on WCBS-FM.

“Every research study indicates local radio’s strengths are its personalities and its connection to the community it serves. Whether it’s entertainment from Rochelle and I, local information from our news anchor Dianne DeOliveira, weather from our staff meteorologist “Nor’easter” Nick Pittman, traffic from the legendary Joe Nolan and now sports from Mark, listeners to 107-1 The Boss in the morning will hear everything New Jersey and New York live and we’ll have fun doing it! Mark is exceptional talent and a brilliant strategic mind I’ve long respected, thrilled to have him join our team of outstanding broadcasters at Press!”

Chernoff added, “I’m looking forward to getting back on the radio at 107-1 The Boss and to be able to live in both the Sports and Rock worlds.  Many thanks to Robby and Rochelle for inviting me into THEIR  world”



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