10 Things Known To Create More Sales


(By Loyd Ford) We’ve all heard it. “Always be closing.” But what are the real secrets to selling more? Here are 10 things to keep in mind.

  1. Prospect all the time. We’ve heard the old saying a million times: The more people you see, the more people you sell. People are looking for answers all the time. See more people every single day and listen to their problems. See a solution? Give them the 411. You’ll sell more.
  2. Advertisers buy when they get ready. They are not on YOUR schedule. This always goes back to those who are in front of advertisers when they are ready to buy are winners and those who listen and know when to speak win. The buyer is the star of the show, not the seller.
  3. Do your research; ask great questions. If you don’t know enough, you can’t possibly ask the right questions unless you simply get lucky. Research, prepare and have questions ready that you know can be impactful to your potential new client now.
  4. Work harder with your existing clients to keep them than you did to get them. I’m always a big believer in creating a large digital footprint with blogging, shares in social media and believe you can create credibility by sharing important articles with your client about their business, their opportunities without expecting a sale. The more you do this, the more winning will become easier for you.
  5. Consistently manage advertiser expectations. We talk about local radio stations violating listener expectations in programming all the time. It’s a killer and it’s not less wrong in sales. In fact, it is just as important that you consistently manage advertiser expectation and stay in close touch with them regularly. Be there for your clients. Managing their expectations will help them understand process and then success.
  6. Create a story for every visit and learn to tell your story (and their story using your products) well. We talk about this so much. It’s why people love a great movie or book. We are hardwired for storytelling, but everyone isn’t good at it. If you want to be a master seller, learn how to create a great story for every visit with your client and learn to tell your story.
    Important Bonus: Also learn to tell the successful story of their product and your advertising vehicles.
  7. Call on the competitors of those advertising in your market. I’m almost sorry. (I tried). I’m a big believer in jealousy. What is happening with your competitors is interesting to you. Competitors are aware of advertising by competitors. What are their fears?
  8. Pitch the decision maker but make yourself likable to others. Don’t kid yourself; people talk. You want to accomplish two important things every time you see your client. You want to be liked by everyone. Be kind. See and hear everyone. They remember. And always pitch to the decision maker.
  9. Manage your time like a boss. It isn’t up to your boss to make your time efficient. That’s your responsibility. Learn how to be effective, efficient and be your own boss of time management so you get more done. Remember the rule: The more people you see, the more people you sell.
  10. Learn how to be the best teacher. This is so important I can’t even do it justice. Remember that people buy when they want to, but they are always looking for advantage and value. Learn to know your customer consistently. Learn their level of knowledge and confidence about advertising, marketing in general, what they like and what they believe is effective for their business or their competitors. Consistently bring good information to your potential clients and clients that can further help them reach their goals and construct your conversations around teaching them in ways that help them grow confidence and see you as a powerful source they want to consistently have on their team. What business are you in? You’re in the helping business. Learn to help, see more decision makers, help lift them up and show them ways to reach their goals and you will be what is known in your cluster as a winner.

Loyd Ford is president and chief strategic officer at Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works (RPC).  Reach Loyd at 864.448.4169 or [email protected].


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