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(By Randy Lane) Loyalty programs are big business for airlines. Pre-pandemic in 2019, Delta’s Sky Miles revenue topped all airlines at $9.1 billion! Since Covid, thousands of businesses survived and thrived through well-crafted loyalty programs.

Brands with the most successful loyalty promotions include Sephora, Amazon Prime, Starbucks, and their subsidiary Peet’s Coffee. Recently when I popped into Peet’s for a tasty, soothing cappuccino. I noticed a sign on the door that read, “Be a Peetnick and reap the rewards.” You download their app to create points for free coffee, food, and access to their secret menu.

Most people now listen to radio to hear their favorite personalities. Shows with trusted voices produce long-term loyalty for radio stations and they can deepen their own brand by creating loyalty campaigns and communities. P1s deliver up to 80-85% of listening and giving passionate listeners an avenue to express their enthusiasm pays off in long-term allegiance.

The world drama and negativity are intensifying the audience’s desire to be part of something fun and positive. For radio, rather than earning points for freebies, it’s more of an emotional benefit to be part of a community, team or club.

We’ve coached shows with several different approaches and names for frequent listeners. A couple of decades ago “The P1 Club” was one of the first to recognize heavy users. Other names include VIPs, LLCs (Loyal Listener Club), and BFFs.

Here are two current morning show campaigns using different approaches:

”AML” (All Morning Listener): Jared & Katie WKZL Greensboro, NC

Jared and Katie have been running this campaign years and it pays off with consistent number one female ratings. Jared and Katie identify AML listeners when they interact with the show on the phones and online. They also run promos highlighting AMLs in this example.


“Crew Members”: Brian, Ali, and Justin WKQX Chicago, IL

Brian, Ali and Justin recently created a Facebook group for their Crew Members to “post, share, comment and connect.” Loyal listeners greet the show on the phone and online with the catchphrase “Ahoy!” Jeff McHugh’s blurb on Catch Phrases outlines a fun way to give heavy users a vehicle to rally around their favorite show.

Perennially top-rated shows and niche brands can expand their loyalty program for members with unique events at restaurants/bars, sporting events, backstage concerts, etc.

How is your show providing loyal listeners the opportunity to be part of a community that will deepen your loyalty brand?


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