Nashville Station Trying to Save The Booze Buses


iHeart Nashville Rocker WNRQ-FM and “The Josh Innes Show,” are teaming up with local business owners to fight a new government ruling that bans alcohol consumption on many of Nashville’s “transpotainment” vehicles.

The law, voted for by Metro Council last week, creates an immediate impact on many local business owners. “The Josh Innes Show” and its listeners will work in tandem with several businesses for a “Don’t Lose the Booze” parade around downtown Nashville on Friday, October 28th from 8-10 a.m., weather permitting. The party busses participating include Hell on Wheels, Nashville Honky Tonk Party Express, Nashville Tractor, Nashville Party Barge, Off the Wagon Tours, Sprocket Rocket Party Truck, BIGRED Party Bus, and Ultimate Party Bus Nashville

“The people who operate these busses are small business owners,” says Innes. “Our elected officials have abandoned them and other small businesses and I don’t think it’s right. This isn’t just about party busses. This is about all small businesses.”

The parade will start at 8:00am behind Loser’s Bar and Grill at 1911 Division St and continue on a route through downtown Nashville until 10:00am.



  1. “weather permitting”, huh?

    There’s a real commitment. It’s exactly as General of the Army Douglas MacArthur said in his pledge to return to the Philippines early in World War II: “I shall return, weather permitting.”


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