Neuhoff’s WSOY Raises $1.5 Million


The 20th annual WSOY Community Food Drive raised over $1.5 million. The 12 hour event benefited the Central Illinois Food Bank.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think this food drive could so eclipse all prior efforts. It’s a fitting tribute to 20 years of hard work by the WSOY/NowDecatur Team, Brian Byers, and Kevin Breheny,” said Beth Neuhoff, CEO/President Neuhoff Communication. “This is the magic that can happen in small communities when media, corporations, schools, benefactors, and service agencies come together. I’m so proud we could use our megaphone and brand for the good of so many who need help.”

The WSOY Community Food Drive was also able to provide $13,000 in cash prizes to the top schools that raised the most money this year. The prize money came from WSOY Community Partners.

The money will enable the food bank to purchase more than 8.1 Million pounds of food.


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