Become The Number One Seller In Your Market


(By Loyd Ford) What is the cost to become the best and most productive seller in your market? Why do some people seem to bend the will of others around them to what they want? How can you achieve more in 2022 than even you thought possible? It’s not complex and it isn’t easy. But you can absolutely ‘make it so.’

  1. If you watch TV and expect anything on TV to be like it is in real life, you’re doing it wrong. Life is nothing like it appears on TV; multiply by 2 for social media. Life in sales sometimes isn’t fun, but it is math. Everybody gets stopped, but those that deal with setbacks, learn and move forward without collecting negativity in the process, win more revenue consistently.
  2. If you want to become a super high performer and wealthy, separate your will, your goals and your fortitude from everyone else. Rust never sleeps. The only things in your professional life are constant goal setting, constant prospecting, constant efforts to build success with referrals and consistently moving forward with client and potential client touches.
  3. People overestimate what they can do short-term and underestimate what can be accomplished over time. People in private equity roles give it all to work for ten years. If you did the same as a local seller, you could grow a monster business with a lot of payoff.
  4. Set an expectation that you will consistently give more than anyone around you to focused efforts to see more clients and potential clients and certainly have the expectation that you will be doing more than others would do to help you.
  5. Your business relationships are likely to define your pipeline and your sales. The more people you meet, the more decision-makers you know, the more clients and potential clients you see consistently, the more you will sell.
  6. Don’t do the right thing for only your clients. Or your listeners. Do the right thing all the time for employees, clients, your listeners and your service to the market.
  7. Do not fear failure. You learn more from failures than you do from success. Be the relentless detective eliminating people who won’t say yes until you uncover the people that will truly make you the best seller in your market.
  8. When the going gets tough, that’s when most people stop. Don’t allow this to be you. That’s when you should redouble your efforts and throttle up. When others call it a day, dig deeper and press harder. At the moment when others give up is exactly when you make your name.
  9. Plan your week, plan your next day consistently and fill your calendar to make it rain.

History is filled with people who often share they didn’t have the most talent, they were not the smartest or they knew so many around them better than them. Still, when it came time to accept their speech for the Hall Of Fame, many have consistently said, “I was just willing to work harder, longer and with greater expectations on myself than anyone else.”

Decide you want to be that number one seller in your market and build your plan, your expectation and your work ethic to make it happen.

Loyd Ford can be reached at 864.448.4169 or [email protected].


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