$10 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Hubbard in Chicago


According to Chicago Media Writer Robert Feder former WTMX-FM afternoon co-host Jennifer Ashrafi added comments to a $10 million lawsuit Melissa McGurren filed last week against Hubbard. Ashrafi is the fourth woman to speak out against morning show host Eric Ferguson.

Ashrafi, who never worked directly with Ferguson, said he was “rude and dismissive to women,” according to Feder’s reporting on the lawsuit.

Ashrafi also says in her filing: “It is humiliating to watch and dehumanizing to know that nothing can be done because the management at The Mix approved Ferguson’s misconduct by their silence in not reprimanding him.”

McGurren filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against Hubbard in Chicago last week, according to Feder, for defending Ferguson against her earlier claim that he was a “serial abuser of women” who subjected her to an “unbearable hostile work environment.”

The station has defended Ferguson to this point saying the claims against him have been investigated thoroughly. However, he is off the air through the end of this month.


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