Beasley To Require COVID-19 Vaccine


On the same day the FDA gave final approval for the Pfizer vaccine, Beasley Media Group became the third major radio company to require employees get vaccinated, following Cumulus and Radio One. Beasley employees have until November first to get fully vaccinated.

Beasley CEO Caroline Beasley said broadcasters have a higher duty to the communities they serve than ordinary businesses. “As a company, we have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment on behalf of our employees and their families. Accordingly, we will be requiring all employees to be fully vaccinated by November 1st, excepting those with religious or medical accommodations. This policy will apply to new and existing employees alike.”


  1. I’m grieved by these short-sighted decisions by my fellow broadcasters. They could be setting up their finest people for long-term illness and much shorter lives.
    Already, after only 9 months on the market, Covid vaccines are waning in efficacy. An increasing number of vaccinated persons are coming down sick with Covid variants (breakthrough cases) since the original formula is far less effective against new variants. Vaxed persons are also transmitting the disease, likely in a mutated form, to other people, including the unvaxed, thus the call to continued masking.
    The medium to long term effects (dangers) are yet unknown according to a host of media censored microbiologists, virologists and science experts who are looking on in horror while this as yet experimental substance is being injected into millions of arms with insufficient trials… normally 5 to 10 years.
    With all previous vaccines, when the death toll reach 50, the drug was pulled off the market. Why have authorities failed to protect us by sounding the alarm as deaths and serious injuries due to these vaccines has reached 10s of thousands in the US alone?
    At KPLS and the RADIO 74 Networks, USA and Europe, we encourage our staff to avoid these dubious vaccines at all cost.


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