Cumulus Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine


In a video message to employees Wednesday evening, Cumulus CEO Mary Berner said combating the COVID-19 Delta variant requires the company to pivot, and that pivot is requiring all Cumulus employees get vaccinated. Cumulus has over 3,000 full-time employees, over 4,000 when part-timers are added in.

Cumulus has set a return-to-office date of October 11th. Berner said, “All employees, except for those few, who are already designated permanent remote like our traffic organization, must be fully vaccinated by our grand reopening date.”

The vaccine mandate includes all salespeople and everyone working out of the corporate offices in New York and Atlanta. “There will be no exceptions unless its mandated by law,” Berner added.

Berner said the overwhelming majority of Cumulus employees were already vaccinated. “If you are someone who has not made that choice, it’s for your own protection.”

Cumulus owns over 400 stations in over 80 markets. We reached out to Cumulus for a statement and a company spokesperson told Radio Ink it was not commenting.

Audacy is mandating all new employees receive the vaccination.
iHeartMedia, radio’s largest company, has not mandated the vaccine.



  1. You may be in charge of your body, but you are not in charge of the government. So if you don’t think getting the vaccine prevents the virus, I will tell you what else it does prevent: millions of small business being restricted or closed by the government, leading to millions of people being laid off again, leading to evictions and foreclosures, children out of school again and trillions of additional aid dollars being spent. But hey, at least you didn’t cave in to Big Brother and spend 30 minutes getting a harmless shot. Go get vaccinated before the economy winds up on ventilator again!

  2. Is there a vaccine to protect from deluded, ideology-ridden, uninformed, extraordinarily paranoid, gullible, credulous right wing hacks, protecters of fake freedoms and zealots?
    Time to get back into the lab.
    This is becoming of the highest priority.
    Rush Job, so to speak. 🙂

  3. Forcing a vaccine on people at the threat of losing their livelihood is immoral. If you are vaccinated (as I am), then why worry about the unvaxxed? Even if you get it, your symptoms will almost certainly be mild. It’s the unvaxxed who can become very ill with this (unless you already have the antibodies).

    Mandating that they take the vaccine is a fascist move.

    • Never mind that you might not find a hospital bed for any condition you come down with that could require one because the unvaxxed freedumbers are taking them all. Not to mention their contribution to staff burn-out and risk, rising health care costs, deductibles and copays.

  4. Being vaccinated against a disease that quite obviously is killing millions world-wide is a no-brainer. Congrats to Ms Berner…a shame it took so long.
    As to the others (“Unvaccinated”), how did you manage to get out of high school? How long will you equate “personal freedom” with your personal privilege to infect others when you become ill?
    PS: Afraid to sign your name?

  5. When a company is going out of business, they need to do something to take the focus off the fact that they’re going out of business. This is nothing more than a dictate from the hedge fund that owns Mary. Trying to destroy our society through control and vaccine passports. What a bunch of losers. You idiot sheep with your vaccine created the variants and are now super spreaders. You want to come after my freedoms and tell me it’s for my own interest? That sounds like a very New York thing to do. Do yourselves a favor and look at the data, not the fake news Cumulus spews. Oh, You shut down your news Division because you suck so bad? You ran a company into the ground, sold your towers, fired your DJs … is there anyone left over there to even vaccinate? Losers.

  6. First this… then what’s next? You morons do not understand what true “freedom” is. This is not American and you idiots commenting otherwise need your heads examined.

  7. This is nothing more than a common sense move.
    Yet, it is still to be lauded.
    The ongoing frenzy for “false freedoms” from the fog-induced is not only tiresome – it’s critically dangerous.


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