The Feedback Loop


(By Buzz Knight) Utilized by many but forgotten by some, The Feedback Loop is one of the most valuable assets any organization can have in its arsenal.

The loop is critical to an organizations internal operation when it is deployed to get close to the energy, vibe and outlook of the frontline workers.

  • How do employees feel about the state of an organization?
  • Are they optimistic about the future or do they dread the outcome of each day?
  • Do they have a clear understanding of the mission and purpose of the company?

The Feedback Loop gets close to the heart and soul of the team and can detect festering wounds that may not have fully surfaced.

By finding a way to ask the right questions of your team in an organized research manner , you are creating an important early warning system if problems exist on the road ahead.

If you have one of many workforce’s that are working virtually, now would be the time to probe via the feedback loop if zoom fatigue has truly set in with your team.

If that is the case you can create a new strategy to meet the needs of your team just like Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser realized when she acknowledged the stress on her team during the new zoom abnormal.

Fridays at Citigroup are “zoom-free” as staffers are banned from scheduling internal video meetings as a way to help address workplace malaise.

The world is shifting quickly and having a feedback loop for your internal team is critical to tapping the vital signs of your employees.

The Feedback Loop is also critical when it comes to staying close to your customers, clients or partners.

Sometimes the fast pace of life has us lose sight of the real tone and complexion of a marketplace and by creating regular feedback loops you stay close to what is really happening.

  • Are you strongest customers happy with the service they are getting from you?
  • Are they happy with the results they are getting from you?
  • Are you making it simple for them to transact business and are there ways you can make it even MORE frictionless?

The Feedback Loop can help you solve problems and create new opportunities and solutions.

Client advisory boards are a great way to obtain feedback and stay ahead of your competition.

The Feedback Loop is also critical on a consistent basis with you listeners/audiences.

Formal research obviously keeps you up to date with the ongoing status of your important brand images, but a regular feedback loop can also clue you in on potential changes that are fast developing.

Tapping your “frequent fliers” for feedback requires courage and tenacity to hear the truth but should be a part of regular input.

Asking for feedback from all of your constituents provides another important benefit.

By asking for input, the image that you care what they think truly goes a long way in cementing an honest and open relationship.

Couple that with activating suggestions that might occur from this process and you have a powerful brand enhancing benefit with The Feedback Loop.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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