The Importance Of Brand Loyalty


(By Buzz Knight) Brand loyalty is fragile. Little things can turn into big problems. They can even be the root cause of customers departing from a brand. This relates to every experience of brand/customer interaction. User experience, customer experience and brand quality are all important risk factors when considering how to uphold brand loyalty.

How many times have you tried to interact with a brand via their digital platform, whether it be website or app and given up in disgust when it is too cumbersome or difficult?

I just had one of those experiences last week with an interaction with a local coffee shop that I frequented regularly. Notice I said frequented.

When walking up to the outside ordering window last week I noticed a sign that said “Take Out Window Closed-Please Order On-Line.”

OK-First question-Why is the takeout window closed? No problem if the website ordering system is simple and effective. When trying to place the order on the website it became the most confusing and frustrating experience in quite some time.

The site froze. When it unfroze it was confusing to fill the shopping cart. I thought of the great coffee that I previously enjoyed at the place. It was early and I NEEDED that first cup of coffee. I gave up and went to the competitor around the corner. I haven’t been back.

The little things indeed matter and brand impressions can be crushed in no time.

If you run a business these are the type of experiences that should frighten your business sense to the core. These type of problems can multiple like cockroaches.

Protect your brand loyalty by protecting your relationship with your customers/consumers or listeners on a one by one basis. Bad News travels fast so be conscious of spreading the good news when it comes to building and enhancing brand loyalty. The way you hire, train and manage your team that is the face of your brand is crucial to upholding brand loyalty.

Maybe one day I’ll go back to that coffee shop but the coffee and service is really good at the competitor.

Second chances don’t always occur!

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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