In Case You Missed It…


    On Tuesday, Radio Ink Publisher Deborah Parenti interviewed 5 Townsquare ‘30 And Under Superstars‘ about why they chose radio as a career. If you missed it live, you can watch it now on FACEBOOK.



    1. I was intrigued to watch this Townsquare PR piece. I got through the first 9 minutes of this Q&A. No shade thrown towards the interviewees; they seem like smart, ambitious young employees. What is telling is that only one of the group is a full time radio seller. Recruitment, programming, on-air and even digital sales positions filled with millennials are not key indicators of the health of the Radio industry. The lack of recruitment and retention in actual broadcast sales is a direct reflection of where Radio is today and it’s not a pretty picture.

      • If you broaden the view beyond radio, you’ll see it’s becoming more common. Employers and employees are seeking more flexibility in the working relationship. This is especially true among millennials, who are seeking work that fits their lifestyle, rather than the other way around. We’ve gone through 8 months where more people have been working from home. That alone changes the relationship between employee and employer.


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