Getting Out of The Gate Strong


(By Buzz Knight) The passing of Labor Day means the passing of the Summer and on to Q-4 and with that it’s important you and your team come out of the gate strong. Here are 10 steps worth considering that can help you be effective doing that:

  1. Pull your team together(in whatever form of in-person or virtual)and do a State of the State Meeting. This is all hands on deck and it is designed to give everyone a sense of what the current state of the marketplace is, how you are performing and what you intend to do to be successful.

This is step one allowing you to set the table to organizing your mission.

2) Meet one on one(or virtually)with your key team members to get a sense of how they are doing personally, how you can set them up for success and what are the priorities in doing that.

This is a way for you as a leader to look them in the eye and really determine if and how they are up for the challenge.

3) Have your sales leadership do a quick assessment of the largest clients by category by reaching out to the clients, asking them what their key priorities and needs are and determine next steps.

4) Have your programming leadership work with marketing and promotions and do a quick database survey of your audience to see what they are feeling these days as well.

This is a reality check to help guide your brand’s tone and temperament in communicating to the market.

5) Evaluate current imaging campaign for a station brand and freshen up the production pieces to reflect the mood of the market.

If the audience for example desires each brand EVEN MORE for “escapism” in this current climate then have that reflected in the attitude of the imaging.

6) Evaluate all music clocks(if you are a music station) to determine effectiveness relating to your most recent research and make necessary tweaks to freshen up what is coming out of the speakers.

7) Evaluate your current airplay(if you are a music station) to determine it most effectively executes your latest research and if you are playing the best music.

8) Make sure that all social media platforms are consistent with best messaging for the current times.

9) Do a post mortem of all promotions for first three quarters as a beginning step of planning for 2021. What worked, what didn’t and how to create more of the magical elements that are needed to stand out.

10) Dream big as an organization with your sites set on how to turn our many challenges into big opportunities!


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