Streaming Hits 10%


From its latest Share of Ear update in May, Edison Research is reporting that consumers are tapping into radio station streams more than ever. Total listening through an online stream is now at 10% for the first time.
Edison says the statistics here represent the combination of music and spoken-word listening. The research shows streaming listening is higher for spoken-word stations such as news, public radio, talk and sports, while listening via streaming is lower for music radio stations.


  1. “The research shows streaming listening is higher for spoken-word stations such as news, talk and sports”…AKA AM Radio.

    I’m a long time AM DX’er, but in the last year I’ve been listening to all my favorite AM stations (WFAN, WEEI, KMOX, WCCO, KSTP, KOA) via their streams instead…no static at all.


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