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(By Buzz Knight) It’s never a bad time to look for some soul but in these scary times it feels more important than ever. I interviewed Rishad Tobaccowala a few weeks back on my Buzz Cuts Podcast after reading his new book and so much has changed in the world since then, yet his wise soul does provides us with much needed inspiration at a time when we all need it. Consider his valuable take on the world incredibly relevant even though our challenges have multiplied since it’s creation.

Back in 2018 the NAB Radio Show was wise to bring in Rishad Tobaccowala to speak about the importance of our industry accepting change and understanding the need to better prepare for the future. Rishad has been the Chief Growth Officer at Publicis Groupe and has just released a new book called “Restoring the Soul of Business-staying Human in the age of data and his deep insights come at a critical time for our business.

His book is a labor of love as this “Buddha of Business” distills our ever increasing digital world and makes us more conscious of “upgrading the operating systems of people and companies by remembering the thinking and feeling component of the operating system.”

Everyone is craving more data and Rishad cautions us to pour data through a series of filters and recognize that human judgment and intuition play a vital role.

The book takes an important look at today’s mobile and networked workplaces which are front and center in the midst of this health crisis and begs the questions regarding workplace culture challenges.

How can employees avoid feeling overwhelmed and disconnected? Rishad challenges us to recommend to our people that they limit their social media usage in a more disciplined fashion so they aren’t continually distracted by continuous notifications and updates throughout the day.

Restoring the Soul of Business places a very high priority on the importance of retaining and motivating the best talent and now more than ever our business should pay attention to his message on this topic. Rishad emphasizes that business leaders need to recognize the combination of growing and building new skills contributes to building deeper relationships with employees along with greater employee satisfaction.

At the core of the book Rishad highlights five emotional qualities that will help bosses communicate and motivate their people more effectively:

Honesty – The more honest bosses an organization has, the better it’s reputation.

Empathy – In stressful, challenging times people need bosses who get what they are growing through.

Humility – For an employer to understand an employee need, bosses should be approachable and willing to look beyond their own self interest.

Inspiration – Inspiring is about being a motivating role model and reminding people of their potential.

Vulnerability – By being real, bosses can show a sign of leadership that is often misunderstood.

In today’s complex and changing world Rishad allows us to pause and reflect on ways we can all seek improvement and take on the challenges that are ahead.

Check out my interview with Rishad about his new book “Restoring the Soul of Business” on my Buzz Cuts Podcast available wherever you find Podcasts and on





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