Report: Entercom Threatens Carlin While On ESPN


Chris Carlin, who was fired by WFAN last month, appeared on ESPN’s Michael Kay show Wednesday. Kay announced on Twitter that Carlin would be filling in for Peter Rosenberg, who was off. Carlin was set to fill-in for two hours but left after 30 minutes. Here’s why…

According to Newsday, Carlin had to leave at the 30-minute mark because of his contract with WFAN, which does not expire until the end of the year. Carlin confirmed that someone from Entercom contacted ESPN Radio to warn that Carlin would forfeit the last three months of his salary if he appeared for the full two hours.

That’s when Kay went off on his rival station

“It befuddles me that a company that fired someone would stand in his way. Such petty, petty things. They don’t matter to us at all. They’re fleas on our backside. But I can’t believe they would do that to somebody. They’re so mean-spirited and petty, to stop a guy from going on the air. If he’s that bad that you fired him, what do you care if he’s on the air for two hours with us?”


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