Rush Explains The Intimacy Of Radio To Caller


On Rush Limbaugh’s Tuesday show, Matteao in Tulsa wanted to know why Rush didn’t try to attract a younger generation of listeners by taking his show to other platforms like YouTube where a lot of those younger people are now consuming media. Rush’s answer: “I’m in radio. Radio is my business. Radio’s what I’m best at. Radio, I own it. I love it.

Radio is where I am best able to do what I do. I’ve got a Dittocam here. I don’t need YouTube. I’ve got Why should I help some other business enterprise? Why get caught up in the clogged arteries of YouTube when anybody can come to and watch me say things in my natural element? If I were gonna do YouTube videos, I would just take ’em from the Dittocam and cut ’em up and put ’em out there on the YouTube channel, and then what am I doing?

Rush went on to say that Matteo inadvertently and unknowingly proved that radio, if done right, offers the greatest intimacy in media. “I’m talking about relatability, bond of connection: People understanding, getting to know each other, and having no doubt about what they’re hearing. It’s just the best if it’s done right, and it’s because you’re not watching anything at the same time that’s distracting you. A good radio guy or girl/woman paints the pictures that you see, or you do it yourself. But the intimacy that radio can cause to happen also enhances persuade-bility out the wazoo, because it’s in that intimacy that you develop the trust and the believability, hopefully, that the audience invests in you.”

Rush understands that Millennials are on YouTube and cutting the cord and streaming. “But I also have a business responsibility for every radio station I’m on to be as highly rated as possible. And if you can find me a whole bunch of other places, then there’s no need to come to the radio (or not as much) every day. So I don’t want anybody… It’s not ’cause I’m lazy. It’s not ’cause I don’t take it seriously. It’s not ’cause I’m not doing everything I can.”

He ended the call by saying Radio is just what he does. “This is what I excel at, this is what I love, and this is where I am best.”


  1. Joey Reynolds talked about intimacy and how intimate Radio is at the end of a documentary that I produced about how Radio reacted to the 9/11 tragedy. That was 18 years ago. Paul Harvey talked about how Radio paints pictures in a riveting speech, which turned out to be his last to the industry, at the R&R talk radio seminar in 2003. I know because I recorded it on video. Rush isn’t saying anything that’s new, but because of who he is and the kind of money he generates for the industry he gets INK in a radio trade as though he was a great profit… And it’s the profits that Radio makes off this man that gets him the attention that he still can command.

  2. Rush has been attracting fearful, gullible poodles for years. He likes it when they lick his face.
    Is the kind of “intimacy” for which radio aspires?
    Given the spot rates, I would gather such is the case.

  3. some folks just cant stand success! especially with the “old proven methods” like radio instead of the shiny new toy that is their smart phone


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