Lawman White Joins 94.5 FM & AM 770 KKOB


Former Sheriff Darren White joins the Albuquerque stations to host middays, beginning Monday, October 7. White served as Bernalillo County Sheriff from 2003 to 2009, as well as Secretary of New Mexico Department of Public Safety and Albuquerque Chief Public Safety Officer. He is a fixture in Albuquerque media.

“We are excited to welcome Sheriff Darren White to the Newsradio KKOB family. Darren is one of the best political minds around, with deep roots in the Albuquerque media market and New Mexico politics,” said Jeff Berry, VP/Market Manager, Cumulus Albuquerque.


  1. So I called Darren white on the radio last week and was telling him that people were being tested multiple times and they were counting people being tested every day for 14 days as 14 positive test! Darren ended up hanging up on me and they just did a full story on Fox News tonight at 8:30 and talking about how many hospitals are being caught red handed testing the same person multiple times and inflating the numbers intentionally to get money from the federal government! I’d love to hear an apology but I know I’ll never get one! Facts just get you hung up on with Darren White!

    • you are absolutley right.Darren White is leftist in wolves clothing. He hangs up on Conservatives any time they challenge his liberal spiel while letting liberals talk four five and six minutes at a time ranting about the President. I have commented numerous times on the unfair antics of White and gotten no response so I have stopped listening to KKOB and letting their sponsors know KKOB is the reason I will not do business with them.

  2. On Friday 6/5 the topic on ‘work ethics’ years past was discussed. Callers describing types of work, etc. that they did in order to earn money. I called in and was put on hold and was unable to speak with anyone. My question is: I have a grandson that is 15 and wants to work, however he has been told by 3-4 employers that they can not hire him due to his age, even though he has a work permit from his counselor from school. Is there any way you could give me some prospective employers that will hire a 15 year old boy? I’d really appreciate any feedback that you can give me. Thank you, Frieda


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