More Local News From NPR Stations


Public radio stations across Texas are teaming with NPR to increase coverage of statewide issues aimed at underserved regions. Reporters and editors from the state’s four largest public radio stations — KUT in Austin, KERA in Dallas, Texas Public Radio in San Antonio, and Houston Public Media — are planning statewide coverage together and to share resources.

The collaboration begins with six live, statewide newscasts each weekday that draw content from public radio stations large and small across the state. So far, a dozen Texas NPR Member stations are carrying these newscasts. As a result, public radio audiences in Texas get both local coverage from their local stations, as well as a broader, state-level view of the news.

“Without access to information in local communities, at the state level, at the national and international level, nothing short of our Democracy is at stake,” said Nancy Barnes, senior vice president of news and editorial director for NPR. “The Texas Newsroom is the first step in our collaborative journalism project that, when fully developed, will make public radio the strongest reporting network in the country and fill the newsgathering gaps that widen every day.”

The Texas stations are also sharing in-depth reporting that appears on Texas Standard, the daily newsmagazine produced by KUT in Austin in collaboration with NPR Member stations across the state.

More frm the KUT website HERE


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