ART19 To Use Veritone’s aiWARE For Ad Targeting


Veritone has inked a deal with ART19 — a podcast hosting, content management, monetization, and measurement platform. Under the agreement, ART19 will use aiWARE for targeting ads based on the content of an individual podcast episode.

“We’re always looking for powerful tools that benefit everyone in our ecosystem to keep pushing podcasting forward — for publishers, advertisers, and listeners alike,” said Lex Friedman, Chief Revenue Officer at ART19. “aiWARE will lead to contextually relevant ads, which will serve publishers well in terms of revenue; yield great results for advertisers; and provide listeners with ads that feel native, custom, and in line with their interests.”

“aiWARE enables ad-tech capabilities within audio and video formats that were previously impractical because they exceeded the capacity and financial resources of human workforces,” said Veritone President Ryan Steelberg. “In a parallel to Google’s indexing of websites, Veritone’s aiWARE automates the systematic indexing and contextual extraction of hundreds of thousands of hours of audio and video content to enable new targeting and brand safety workflows. ART19’s deployment shows how refined targeting capabilities can deliver more efficiency for advertisers with a higher ROI on ad spend, all while creating a better listener experience.”


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