Beasley Same-Station Revenue Increases 2.7%


    Boston, New Jersey, and Philadelphia were Beasley’s top-performing clusters in the second quarter. National revenue increased nearly 10% and digital revenue is now 7.4% of Beasley’s total revenue. A year earlier digital made up 6.5% of total revenue.

    Beasley increased same-station revenue nearly 3% despite not having $230,000 in political revenue that the company took in during the 2018 political season.

    Consumer services, retail, entertainment, and auto were Beasley’s top four categories in Q2. And, they made up 69% of the company’s total revenue. From Beasley’s top categories, on a same-station basis consumer services increased 12%, retail declined 1%, entertainment was up 2%, and auto was down 5%.

    Q3 is pacing flat for the company.

    Beasley also launched 62 new radio station websites in the quarter.


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