Houston Host Suspended From Facebook


KPRC-AM talker Ken Webster says he’s been suspended from Facebook for using the phrase “illegal immigrant.” Newsbusters was first to report the story. Here are the details.

The website says a Monday Facebook post from Webster complained that Sheriff Ed Gonzalez does nothing about the “criminal illegal immigrants” that inhabit Harris County, Texas.

Webster tells Radio Ink “Apparently the term “illegal alien” is now deemed hate speech according to Silicon Valley. Ironically it happened while I was making a distinction between run-of-the-mill undocumented migrants and seriously dangerous criminal illegal aliens accused of committing crimes that transcend immigration laws.”


  1. JOel Nava, you are an IDIOT! This world needs to quit sugar coating things and say what it really is. People who are in our country ILLEGALLY are ILLEGAL ALIENS or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Please make a note of it.

  2. I don’t this guy, but only an stupid idiot wouldn’t know the Derogatory term “Illegal Immigrant” when is only compared to the “Nigger” Word for the African Americans! There is a huge racisms in the broadcasting industry. There are radio stations who based their programming aiming their hate towards people who can’t defend them selves Like Rush Limbough, Lou Dobbs, and other Racists! One thing is freedom of speech and another totally different is “HATE” in the form of Derogatory language! This guy may be a hispanic, but there are many “Chicanos” Mexican decedents born here who are even more “Racists” then the white people. I am very glad that he was kicked out of Social Media for using the wrong terms to express his limited knowledge!

    • Joel Nava, you are a moron. Illegal Immigrant is the correct English words to describe a person who is not a citizen of a country and enters that country illegally. Everything is not racist and “hate.” You and Facebook are morons. You are so pathetic it’s unbelievable. Get a life.


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