Tracey Johnson Launches Aircheck Service


The new product is called Air Check Coaching service. It offers individual, customized critique and feedback in one-hour air check sessions with Johnson’s talent coaches Andy Meadows and Mike Shepard. The cost is $499 per session.

Users can schedule a session online and upload audio for review. Their talent coach prepares a personalized critique based on the user’s goals and objectives. This is discussed in a one-hour personal coaching session and is followed by a detailed written strategy review, including recommendations and next step advice.

Johnson explains why he believes service is necessary: “The #1 thing air personalities tell me is they just don’t get feedback on a regular basis. Many aren’t getting it at all. And programmers tell me they don’t have time to spend with talent like they would like. Our new service fills those gaps. It’s for personalities who want direct, honest, positive feedback, programmers who want another set of ears on their talent, and forward thinking managers who realize developing talent is the most important asset for their future.”.


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