The Top Podcast Advertisers In March Were…


The folks at Magellan identified 1,197 brands or products that advertised on the top 2,000 podcasts (in Apple) during the month of March. Here are the top 15.

1) ZipRecruiter
2) Robinhood
3) Squarespace
4) Indeed
5) Quip
6) Geico
7) SimpliSafe
9) BetterHelp
10) HelloFresh
11) Audible
12) ThirdLove
13) Care/of
14) Article
15) Hulu

How Magellan comes up with their numbers
Every week, Magellan samples episodes from 2,000 shows that rank in the Top Podcasts view available through Apple Podcasts in the U.S. This sample includes up to two episodes from shows that published new episodes in March 2019. The brands listed above were ranked by the number of individual pre- and mid-roll ads that appeared in our sample. Podcasts advertising on other podcasts, foundations, and those advertising on only one show were excluded from the sample.


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