Is Howard Really Ready To Retire?


That’s what he said Monday on his SiriusXM show. Stern said after his current contract expires in 2020, he’s done with radio because it affects his health. Of course, Stern followers know this isn’t the first time Howard has said he’s quitting, only to sign another deal. Stern is now 65 years old and has been doing mornings on radio and with SiriusXM for 35 years.

Stern said on the air Monday that “When I get out of radio. I’m getting out man. I’m pretty sure I’m almost out the door. I’m getting out anyway because I realize that radio is affecting my health. When I’m home on the weekends I’m fine. And then when I come here all kinds of s**t happens. I won’t get into all the details, but I get all f**king anxious, and medical issues. I’m getting out. No really, I’m done. Two years and I’m out of here.”

Radar Online was the first to report about Howard discussing his retirement.


  1. In our opinion, nothing that this classless self-centered Diva says is believable. Nothing. Stern is all about Stern, period. And his retirement talk most likely is just posturing on his part, for more money. Doubtful that he even puts his health ahead of monetary greed.


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