How Is Contemporary Music Doing?


The folks at Coleman Insights try to answer that question with new research called, “The Contemporary Music SuperStudy.” The study examines the current appetite for contemporary music among 1,000 12- to 54-year-olds in the U.S. and Canada. Here’s some of what the study revealed…

The study evaluates a song list comprised of the most consumed songs of 2018 as measured by Nielsen Music – BDSradio that includes radio airplay, streaming, and sales data. Coleman says the study revealed that that Hip Hop/R&B and Pop are both the most consumed genres and the genres that invoke the most passion. However, the study also indicates that Hip Hop/R&B is significantly polarizing.

According to Coleman Insights President Warren Kurtzman, “This helps explain why deciding which Hip Hop/R&B songs to play on Pop formats can be a tricky proposition. A programmer has to determine whether strong passion as well as factors like streaming data outweigh the negatives, which can be a high percentage of ‘Dislike A Lo’ scores”

The study found, compared to the overall test list, that Alternative/Rock also over-performs with passion scores, while Country, Dance/Electronic and Latin underperform.

Coleman will also host a webinar about the new research on Tuesday, April 30.
Read the first in a series of blogs from Coleman HERE.


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