WFAN: New York Post Story Is All Lies


Andrew Marchand of The New York Post raised quite a ruckus at the Entercom sports station when he implied, in an article Thursday, that the station was plotting to move SiriusXM’s Adam Schein into Mike Francesa’s chair at WFAN. Here’s what we found out.

Marchand’s column was headlined: “WFAN’s push for Adam Schein to replace Mike Francesa implodes.”

Marchand reported the following: “Several scenarios were proposed by WFAN’s VP of programming, Mark Chernoff, including the idea of even pairing Schein with Francesa for a short period before Schein would take over for Francesa when the sports radio icon signs off for good at the station.”

Here’s what Chernoff told us last night. “We are 100% committed to Mike Francesa, who is the #1 Sports Radio talk show host in afternoon drive. There is absolutely no truth to any reports about Adam Schein joining WFAN.” Others at the station have told us that Marchand’s article is 100% lies.

Mark Chernoff and Francesa show off the WFAN studio plaque

Francesa, by choice, is working without a contract at WFAN. After retiring at the end of 2017, Francesa returned to the station in May of 2018. In addition to getting back on the air, Francesa launched a subscription app called “Mikes On.”

By the way, with Francesa working without a contract, it only makes perfect sense for the station to prepare for anything, which could include Francesa working with a partner. He’s not opposed to that. The station would also prefer Francesa sign a contract so they can lock him up in his current time slot.

Schein recently signed a new deal with SiriusXM. He works on Mad Dog Radio, Chris Russo’s channel on the Satellite network. Yes, that Russo, Francesa’s former co-host at WFAN.

It’s unclear who’s trying to stir up the pot at WFAN, but as they say, all publicity is good publicity. And, this may provide a little material for the morning team of Boomer and Gio. Baseball season has not started yet, the Knicks are the worst team in basketball, the Rangers couldn’t win a game if they played 8-on-5 and the Giants have no explanation as to why they traded the best player in football to Cleveland.

Sounds like the perfect time for Gio to break out into his perfect Mike Francesa impression.

You can listen to WFAN, after being bombarded with ads, on HERE.


  1. Francesa is an ass. He should have stayed retired. He has the sports acumen, but he doesn’t inspire conversation. He bullies his points, over talks his callers, and tells until he is foaming at the mouth. Irritating to listen to. Put JJ and Evan together on the drive time. Tony Page with Joe, Francesa on the overnight so most of us dont have to hear him if WFAN still wants to keep him.


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