It’s Good To Be The Champ


1700 The Champ (KBGG-AM) is the new radio home of Minnesota Twins baseball in Des Moines, IA. Broadcasting begins with two pre-season games on March 24 and March 26, and the season opener on March 28. 

Jack Taddeo, Vice President/Market Manager, Cumulus Des Moines, said, “We are proud to bring the Minnesota Twins to Des Moines on 1700 The Champ and we look forward to many outstanding seasons of Minnesota Twins baseball.”

“Every year we hear from Twins fans in Des Moines looking for ways to follow the team. We are ecstatic to have found a partner in 1700 The Champ to help bring Twins baseball to the Des Moines community,” said Twins President and CEO Dave St. Peter. “1700 The Champ already has an expansive sports format and this relationship will elevate both brands on the dial. We look forward to building this partnership for years to come and are proud to welcome Des Moines as part of the Treasure Island Baseball Network.”


  1. It’ll be interesting to see how that does. KBGG is 10kw by day but only 1kw by night, and at the end of the band least friendly to groundwave coverage. But it does at least cover the city. It’s last rating with the prior format was 0.1, so that’s a baseline. I wish ’em well.


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