Barberie Honored For Cancer Awareness


Los Angeles council member Bob Blumenfield has honored morning host Jillian Barberie by declaring February 19 Jillian Barberie Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Late last year, Barberie was diagnosed with breast cancer and made her recovery journey public to encourage, support, and honor the tens of thousands of women and their family members who endure the same challenge.

“Jillian has made honesty, full public disclosure, and transparency a hallmark of her storied and acclaimed media career. When she was given a life-altering diagnosis, she decided to step up and use her experiences to shed more light on this disease,” said Blumenfield. “Early detection is vital and for the sake of the countless families who are impacted by it every day, we must continue to break down stigmas around cancer.”

Barberie, who can be heard weekday mornings on AM 790 KABC along with John Phillips for The Morning Drive, said, “I am beyond moved and honored to receive this recognition. My fight is the fight of so many and I am committed to raising the awareness of the impact of breast cancer on so many women and their families.”

To learn more about breast cancer including early detection, free programs, and resources go to American Breast Cancer Foundation, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, or one of the many other national and local organizations.


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