New Prep Service Launches


The CHR Prep Sheet from will focus solely on content for Contemporary Hits radio stations. The new service has been through various trials and demos with radio professionals from all backgrounds.

Network radio producer Jamie Boyd Ratcliff, creator of the service, said, “I’ve personally used various prep sites and always felt like I was wasting a lot of money on reams of paper, then ending up only using two pages of it. Nobody I could find did a prep service specifically for my market, so I decided I would.”

Ratcliff knew that cost is a big factor for many in the radio industry. “We all know the old saying, there’s no money in radio. I didn’t feel the price of other services was fair, especially when most try to cover four different demographics worth of content. I wanted to make sure that all presenters could justify the cost, regardless of station size or background.”

The service costs $11 a month and is delivered directly to inboxes by 5:30 a.m.

For more info and a demo sheet, please visit or email [email protected].


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