Will You Survive Or Thrive This Year?


(By Lisa Thal) The holidays are over, and the new year has arrived. This can be a very stressful time for many of us. For those who are building on the prior year of success, congratulations! For those who fell short of expectations last year, I hope this article helps you build a successful 2019! In either case, it is time to assess where you are and determine the level of energy needed to get back on track. It is more important than ever to shift your focus to having an energized life.

You can assess where you are today and determine your well-being with one question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much energy do you have to accomplish everything you need to do (1 being none at all, 10 being plenty)?

If you answered between 8-10, you are thriving.

If you answered between 5-7, you may be surviving.

If you answered between 1-4, you may be suffering.

Right now you may feel like you just barely survived getting to work! You’ve probably heard someone respond to “How are you doing?” with “I am hanging in there.” Where are you right now? Do you feel like you’re hanging in there? Or crushing it?

Let’s take a look at the word surviving. Those who are “surviving” may feel tense, tired, uncomfortable, bored with routines, anxious, or fearful, and they often take on a self-defense role. In their mind, they are barely making it. They would prefer the challenge in front of them to just go away, and they stay in a reactive mindset.

Many of us feel this way at times. For example, you may be working on renewing your clients’ business for the quarter or the year, which can be very stressful. Your income is on the line. You find yourself hoping you can renew them, and you hope your competitors don’t offer a more competitive price. Many times, we can build the idea in our minds that accomplishing what is before us will take too much energy, so we give up before even trying.

Yes, we mentally give up, which transfers to physically not moving forward.

Now let’s look at the word thriving. Those who are “thriving” tend to feel energized, up for the challenge, resourceful, engaged, and fearless. They focus on their successes, not failures. They see all the opportunities waiting for them, and they have more choices as a result. They look for new ways to approach each situation, and they embrace the challenge! They love to grow and expand.

So how do we stay on this thriving path? You shift one word, one way of thinking — from hope to believe. You must understand that you are in control of your destiny. You realize that with a focused plan, timeline, and energy, you can accomplish your goals.

To make certain you have a thriving year, implement the following four steps.

1. Assess where your business is today. What is the outcome, and the income, you desire this year? Write down the income you expect to make.

2. Create a winning plan. If you are feeling like you’re just surviving, it’s time to change your plan to a plan that will energize you, so you can put it into action. The good news is if you start today, you can benefit from your efforts by the end of the year.

3. Create a timeline for your plan. Based on the outcome and income you desire, it’s critical to set a timeline for what needs to be accomplished each day. If you want to grow your business, you need a strategy to build your customer base. It takes time to nurture new relationships and build trust with new customers.

4. Be consistent and follow through. It’s a process, and it takes consistency each day to renew and grow your business. You will start to experience success, and when you do, that is when you push yourself even harder. Harness that momentum for future calls and meetings.

Our lives are a series of experiences, and we have the opportunity to learn from each one. You can change right now. You can let go of the mental drain and pain you have been carrying. Start to measure yourself by all you have achieved already and all the possibilities in front of you. See each challenge as an opportunity for you to evolve and grow.

I’ve got three more words for you: keep on thriving! It’s not too late to refocus and begin today.

Lisa Thal is the general sales manager for Hubbard Interactive Cincinnati. She’s also the author of Three Word Meetings: A Simple Strategy to Engage, Inspire and Empower Your Team. Get it on Amazon.com.


  1. Ronnie Buzzkiller here.
    Although somewhat harsh, I invite Lisa (and so many others) to consider the following:
    The only thing a Positive Mental Attitude can develop is the practice of continuously focussing. And even that is only a potential.
    A PMA does not engage the Universe to make dreams come true.
    Continuous gathering and the application of Knowledge, along with regular practice of that which is already proven to be effective, including that which may be new and different.
    “Kumbaya” may be a groovy tune, but it provides no strategy for improvement or development of specific and necessary knowledge and skills.
    This, at a time in radio, when that knowledge and those skills are so desperately needed.


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