Another Year Of Innovative Learning


(By Buzz Knight) CES is always deep in major announcements from big brands and today we focus on a revolutionary development in the automotive space.

Honda Innovations announced a major step in the in-car experience with their Dream Drive, next-generation infotainment prototype dashboard that they were showcasing at CES.

This is one of my biggest takeaway “goosebump” moments from the show (other than meeting Jamie Fox at a party last night). This is the automotive industry’s first integrated driver and passenger infotainment, commerce services, and rewards dashboard that was first shown at CES 2017 as part of the Honda Dream Drive. It offers a broad range of convenient services and engaging entertainment options, all while minimizing driver distraction.

Buzz and Jamie Foxx

This project was developed in collaboration with the folks at Connected Travel and it enables drivers to pay for goods and services like fuel, movie tickets, parking, restaurant reservations, food orders and more.

According to John Moon, Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships at Honda, “We have teamed up with industry leaders who want to understand how to best provide in-vehicle services to our customers and these collaborations are important to test consumer desire so we can understand how to mutually serve our customers.”

The capabilities will also include voice-enabled driver applications and this step really adds an amazing dynamic for our business. This project demonstrates one of the big dynamics at CES, which is the power of partnerships.

So what are the other big takeaways from CES this year?
I called upon our great PD of WRIF Mark Pennington who is a first-timer at CES this year. First, he was blown away by the sheer size of the event which I also am every year. Lots of steps and miles walked. Second, autonomous driving is closer than you think and it reinforces the importance of great content from our brands. Lastly, 5G is coming and it will change our lives dramatically in the years ahead.

If you have never attended CES you missed another great event and you need to be there next year!

Buzz Knight is the Vice President of Programming for Beasley Media Group. He can be reached at [email protected]


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