Consumers Still Turn To TV For News


The Pew Research Center is out with its latest study on how Americans consume news. 47% of Americans prefer watching the news rather than reading (34%) or listening (19%) to it. Radio is up slightly from Pew’s 2016 study, from 12% to 14%.

When the focus is on how Americans listen, radio dominates with 53% among 18-49 year olds and 52% in the 50-plus demo. 27% of the 18-49 demo go online to listen while 9% 50 and over listen to news online.

The survey was conducted July 30-Aug. 12, 2018, among 3,425 U.S. adults.
Read more about the study HERE


  1. I dunno, Col.
    The newbies, at some point, would be insisting on being paid.
    And we all know how that can put a crimp in owners’ styles, as well as their profit expectations.

  2. As long as Radio keeps trying to reinvent itself, and play catch up, TV will rule the news. As in newscasts. We used to have LIVE local news blocks some for an hour and a half, no days your lucky in most markets to get 4 minutes of news from a network, with little to no local newscasts. We need to start training and encouraging young people to get in our business as on air talent.


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