Patrick Courrielche & Adryana Cortez Prescribe A Red Pill Podcast


Courrielche, Cortez, and Premiere Networks will co-produce Red Pilled America, a weekly podcast series beginning November 1 on the iHeartRadio Podcast Network. Each episode will search for answers in the stories of forgotten men and women of America. Why is the middle-class shrinking? What is causing the homeless crisis in Los Angeles? Is “fake news” really a new phenomenon? These are just some of questions that will be covered by hosts Courrielche, a former physicist and long-time Hollywood correspondent for Breitbart News, and Cortez, a writer, short film producer, and marketing person.

“Patrick and Adryana are a powerful creative and investigative force,” said Julie Talbott, Premiere Networks President. “With their background in journalism and marketing, they’ll expertly guide listeners through the tough questions and topics that Americans face every day in a crowded and often conflicting media landscape. We’re confident Red Pilled America will inform, entertain, and enlighten audiences.”


  1. I’m always digging for the truth.
    And this podcast is very interesting to me.
    I’m waiting for some you tube videos of this stuff?


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