Beasley Dumps Bubba In Fort Myers


A few days after Bubba The Love Sponge settled his ratings tampering case with Nielsen, the syndicated morning host lost another affiliate. Bubba had been airing on 96 K-ROCK (WXRK) in Fort Myers for 10 years. He’s off the station as of this week. K-ROCK is now playing music in the morning and will announce a new show next week.


  1. Dave and chuck the freak suck ive been listening to k-rock since moby dick was a minnow.and i dont listen except between 2 and 6 put bubba back please ive tried those other guys .they suck shame on beasly for syndicating those two dave and chuck the fag and not stan and hainey…

  2. I didn’t like Bubba but I listened anyway. If they get rid of Stan and Haney… I won’t listed to K Rock anymore. I don’t turn on this station for the music EVER.

  3. So glad they got rid of him. All he did was complain about his ex employee. New show is much better. Now I can listen to this station all day again.

  4. Well… no more K-rock for me I guess! BTLS was only reason to listen to that station! Idiots getting rid of their highest marketing radio show…these idiots they have now are just annoying and talk about stupid uninteresting crap. They laugh at their own lame jokes and have no minds of their own.

  5. What’s next…. they ax Stan and Haney….. Christ…. the only times to listen to 96k is 6-10 and 2-6 other than that… it’s howard 100 on Sirius.

  6. K rock will go down in flames without bubba, he’s the only reason people listened. This blows. Bye Bubba, and most definitely bye k rock!

  7. If everyone tells all the advertisers on 96 K Rock and Beasley stations that they will not buy or use any of their services (lawyers, local bars restaurant, air conditioning companies , car dealerships etc). This will hit Beasley stations in the pocket book. Radio stations are nothing more then sales and their income starts with advertising. After 10 years with Bubba, fans are very dedicated and now they put on a morning team from Michigan????
    So don’t bitch about K Rock go to their advertisers!!!!
    Don’t use any of their services!!!

  8. I only listened to KRock for Bubba – oh well – your business decision made my decision – NO more KRock for me.


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