Beasley Radio Talent Institute Begins Today


And it all takes place at Emerson College in Boston. The Beasley Radio Talent Institute of the National Radio Talent System is designed as a talent incubator for aspiring broadcasters. It’s ten days long and includes everything about radio from on-air in music radio, sports, news, production, promotions, engineering, digital and social media and sales, including the RAB’s Radio Marketing Professional Certification course. All students in are in every session, there are no breakout sessions.

CEO Beasley Media Group, Caroline Beasley, and EVP/COO Brian Beasley, lead the way in the opening session today. They follow opening comments from the President of Emerson College, Dr. Lee Pelton and Jeff Greenhawt, Vice President & Managing Partner, Sunshine Wireless Company and Chair, Emerson Board of Trustees.

“As a company, we are committed to supporting and encouraging the development of new talent in our organization and the industry”, said Caroline Beasley. “The Beasley Radio Talent Institute further underscores this commitment and provides an incredible incubator for developing tomorrow’s leaders today. We look forward to having our incredible Boston team members involved in this important initiative.”

“From the beginning, Beasley Media Group CEO Caroline Beasley grasped the vision and immediately stepped up. They are a company that does the right thing in our industry”, said Dan Vallie, Founder and President of the National Radio Talent System. “We are proud to be working together to continue growing the farm system; discovering, coaching and incubating young talent with a passion for radio. It’s a privilege to be able to do this with Emerson College, and to be working with forward thinking companies like Xperi, Marketron, Benztown and Vcreative to help make it happen.”


  1. While I guess that sumthin’ may be better than nuthin’, I am still thinking of opening a 30-day certification program in dentistry – and storm door installation.
    I would be less than candid if I didn’t remark on how such a short term for all those subjects is patronizing, demeaning and of little real value to the students.


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