New Morning Show For Lexi & Banks In SLC


Popular Salt Lake City radio personalities Lexi and Banks will be the co-hosts of an all-new morning show on K-Bull 93/KUBL-FM. The show debuts Wednesday, March 21 and will air weekdays, 5:30-10:00 a.m. Lexi and Banks have been on-air in the Salt Lake City market since 2012.

Patrick Reedy, Regional Vice President and Market Manager, Cumulus Media-Salt Lake City, said, “With over five years of entertaining SLC under their belt, we’re confident that Lexi and Banks will hit the ground running, with a fun, fast-paced, entertaining show, that is sure to put a smile on listeners faces.”

Travis Moon, KUBL Program Director, said, “I am beyond pumped to have Lexi and Banks joining The Bull. They are fun, engaging, and exciting. I can’t wait for our listeners to experience their awesome chemistry and make them a part of their everyday life. This is going to be fun.”


  1. Love having Lexi and Banks on The Bull! It’s become my new morning routine to listen to them on my commute and in my office in the morning. I find them to be an engaging and refreshing addition.

  2. I miss Johnson and Johnson. KBULL was my radio station on my way to work, not anymore, such a disappointment to see them go. Hopefully they pick up another radio station show and I will follow.

  3. What a disappointment. Where is the family standards???? These 2 are not only gross but mentioning past paramours and live in’s is not what I want my family listening to. The morning topics with the call in’s are not at all done with the “family” listening group. I miss Johnson and Johnson. You have lost another listener. And for goodness sake. Clean up the Chicken pen. Looking at poop is not appealing nor having those small birds in that dirty box is good for them.

  4. I am actually ok with this change. I stopped listening to KBUL after they got rid of Shotgun & Carly but I would occasionally turn it on to see how Johnson & Johnson were, and let’s just say, I was really annoyed and sometimes pissed off because of how they would poke fun at serious situations and make comments and jokes about serious issues. Lexi and Banks haven’t done that yet.. And I hope they never do.

  5. I will no longer listen to K-Bull in the morning since Johnson and Johnson are gone. The two newbies are so boring and dull. I guess no more laughs in the morning. Moving to 104.3

  6. What happen to Johnson and Johnson.?
    I will not be listening to the new morning show. It saddens me that the morning show is not the same. One very disappointed xlistener.

  7. Where did tommy and joe go? Did they move on? I so miss them. They were the only reason I went back to country in the morning. They’ve been a staple since I was in jr high. Not cool that they are all of a sudden no where to be found.

  8. This is appalling. I will not be listening to KBULL anymore. It is a shame I loved Tommy and Joe. I only tolerated the idiocracy of the two millennials lexi and banks. They were such a joke to me. They gave me a good laugh at how stupid they were. Why in the world would you replace the best chemistry of Johnson and Johnson with these two morons. Most adults listen to morning shows not children yet you think its cool to replace adults on KBULL with these two children. I will not be going back to KBULL wich used to be my go to everyday I will go back to 97.1 ZHT atleast I still can relate to their personalities. So Sad you guys will regret this after you see how your ratings are affected.


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