Salem Has A Down Quarter All Around


Total Q4 2017 revenue for Salem decreased 4.9% to $67.2 million from $70.7 million in 2016. Broadcast revenue decreased 2.9% to $50.7 million from $52.2 million and same-station net revenue decreased 2.4% to $50.6 million from $51.9 million.

Salem’s digital media revenue decreased 12.8% to $11.1 million from $12.7 million and on the publishing side of the business, revenue decreased 5.8% to $5.4 million from $5.7 million.

For the first quarter of 2018, Salem is projecting a revenue decline between 1% and 3% ($65 million). Salem owns and/or operates 119 radio stations, with 74 stations in the top 25 markets.


  1. Excellent! Keep up the good news.
    Salem is the next chapter 11.
    Good Riddance to deceitful right wing screwballs.

    • “Amen!” Wouldn’t be surprised if Attsinger has a swatstika hanging in his office. And we’ll bet, 98% of Salem workers are white….

  2. Selling Je$u$ for profit amd selling extreme Right Wing radio apparently is no longer as profitable as it once was! There is no lower Snake Oil Sale than selling Christianity and Jesus, for profitable gain. …”PREYING” on believers.


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