Live On Radio, 50 I-Do’s


WTPT-FM 93.3 The Planet’s top-rated morning show The Rise Guys, are hosting the largest mass wedding in the Upstate tomorrow, February 14, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Rocky River Plantation in Williamston, SC. The event, called “Numerous Nuptials,” will feature the exchanging and renewing of vows of 50 couples simultaneously. The ceremony will be led by the show’s lead on-air personalities, Mattman and Nine, and will be officiated by Attorney Rob Ianuario. The couples get a no-cost ceremony and reception without the stress that planning and executing a wedding involves. Each couple pre-registered via the station’s website.

“I have begged each of the participants to think long and hard about this. But they’re all punch drunk in love, whatever,” says Mattman. “You’ll only have to buy one Valentine’s/Anniversary Day gift now, so maybe they are smarter than I thought!”

Rocky River Plantation is located at 2000 East River Street, Anderson, SC 29626.


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