Is Mike Greenberg About To Make $6.5 Million?


That’s what is reporting. That Greenberg was leaving to take on another morning job on the Television side was the worst kept secret in radio. The fact, that he’ll be making $6.5 million is the new news. Mike and Mike have been together on the radio for nearly two decades.

Mike Golic tells that he’s enjoyed all this years with Greenberg. “If we move on from that, I’ll enjoy it if I do it with someone else next.” Golic also said that while the news is out about the upcoming change it would have been nice if they were able to reveal it on their show first. “I would have really liked the first place our audience heard about that is to have been from us. On our show. Because it’s been a really special thing.”

ESPN has not officially commented on any upcoming changes to the show. There are rumors also swirling that Mike Golic Jr. will be Greenberg’s replacement.


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